Lokapedia Postcard Series

Explore Malaysia's Cultural Treasures, One Postcard At A Time

The wonders of Malaysia and what it entails have finally arrived in the form of Lokapedia - a postcard series that shares bite-sized knowledge and fascinating facts about Malaysia's rich culture and heritage. 

Lokapedia explores a specific topic and provides an abundance of information in a compact yet visually appealing way. 

Each postcard vividly depicts the essence of Malaysia's cultural treasures.

Lokapedia Volume 1

Lokapedia Volume 2


Start your journey of discovery today and experience the wonders of Malaysia with Lokapedia.

Click on the postcard below to gain deeper insights into each topic:

Local Kopitiam

Air Batu Campur

Hornbills of Malaysia

Nasi Lemak

Peranakan Origins

Nasi Kerabu

Banana Leaf Rice


Nyonya Delights

A Bite of Tradition: Nyonya Kuih's Perfect Fusion of Flavours

Beauty of 

Traditional Wau

Journeying into the Timeless Artistry of Malaysia's Wau Culture

Malaysia's Floral Treasures

Exploring the Exotic Blossoms in Malaysia

A Beautiful Harmony

Stunning Dive into Malaysia's Underwater World

Know Your Durian

Discovering the King of Fruits: All About Durian

Made With Durian

Discovering the King of Fruits: All About Durian

Perahu - Malaysia Traditional Boat

Discovering the Ancient Art of Boatbuilding

Beauty of Perahu Kolek

Discovering the Ancient Art of Boatbuilding