6 Postcard Displays That We LOVE

Before we begin, we just wanted to give a big shout out to all who participated in our #PostSwapWithLoka initiative (it’s still ongoing by the way!). We’ve been overwhelmed by your responses and we’re so grateful for each and every one of them 🥰 

Thank you for trusting us with your stories, wisdom and hopes! Much like Loka, we look forward to opening our mailbox everyday. Reading each and every one of your postcards makes us feel like we’ve been living a hundred different lives - all from the comfort of our studio. 

Now that we have collected so many beautiful postcards and messages, we’ve been on the lookout for creative ways to display them all! We searched high and low for ways to showcase each of their unique designs and colourful stories. We felt like we needed to do them justice because they were all so special and meaningful to us.

So, we thought of sharing some of our favourite display ideas with you! Just in case you too, wanted to show off your stellar collection. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Table/Desk displays 

(Source: Natalie Talbutt)
Stay inspired throughout your day with a tabletop display! Just arrange your postcards on a table surface and cover it up with a glass (or plexiglass) sheet to keep it safe from stains and damage. 

Wall art display

Source: homedit
Create your own wall art by sticking postcards with wall-safe tapes! Alternatively, you can also use washi tape (to avoid ruining your walls). You can get creative and arrange them in various shapes and patterns - or make your own feature wall!

Source: Jen Loves Kev

Hang them up with string and a wooden peg

(Source: Man Made DIY)
You’ll have to knock in some nails for this one. Once you’ve done that, tie a wool string around them and secure your postcards with a wooden peg. You can even get creative and make geometric shapes for an added flair!

(Source: Good Home Smart)
Or even swap the wool string for fairy lights for a more magical atmosphere.

Curated coffee table book

Keep your guests occupied with your postcard collection in the A6 Size Postcard Album! Its highly transparent pockets allow for easy viewing while keeping them absolutely safe from stains, water or tear. Alternatively, you can use the A6 Size Ring Binder Postcard Album which allows you to refill the pockets when you run out of space. 

Frame your favourites 

Source: Apartment Therapy
Hang up your favourites in photo frames! Have one-too-many postcards? Opt for a shadowbox display! Compile your postcards and put them into a shadowbox as pictured below. You can easily compile and arrange your collection based on countries, themes, year received, or just mix them all together. Rojak more fun, right? 😛

Source: DIY Network

Bring the art gallery to your home with a postcard mobile

Kikkerland Curve Postcard/Photo Mobile - Shop here!

Always dreamed of having your own art gallery at home? Let’s turn that into a reality 😉 Hang your collection for all to see with our new Kikkerland Postcard/Photo Mobile. Now available in two designs: curved and geometric.

Kikkerland Geometric Postcard/Photo Mobile - Shop here!

We know, we know. It can be really hard to pick just one way to display your collection when there’s just so many quirky and creative ways out there 😵 Or you know, you can pick two… or maybe try them all. Hehe. 


If you’d like to grow your postcard collection, come join our #PostcardSwapWithLoka! We’re still accepting and replying to all who write in to us. Come collect our limited edition postcard design that changes with the seasons.

How does it work?

1️⃣ Fill in your details into this form
2️⃣ Send Loka a postcard (any postcard you’d like to swap with us!)
3️⃣ Loka will write you back once we’ve received your mail

How much is it? It’s absolutely free to join! You’ll only have to cover the postage fee of your postcard. And yes, this initiative is open to friends all around the globe! We’re more than delighted to hear from you, wherever you are in the world. 

Looking to stock up on postcards instead? Visit our store here! There’s one for every occasion. 

Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Come tell us which is your favourite way of displaying postcards! Or if you’d like to share your ideas, drop us a message below.  

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