Lokapedia Postcard Series

The wonders of Malaysia and what it entails have finally arrived in the form of Lokapedia - a postcard series that shares bite-sized knowledge and fascinating facts about Malaysia's rich culture and heritage. Lokapedia series explores a specific topic and provides an abundance of information in a compact yet visually appealing way. Each postcard is like a little work of art that transports you to the heart of Malaysia's cultural scene, features illustrated artwork that vividly depicts the essence of Malaysia's cultural treasures. 

So why wait? 

Start your journey of discovery today and experience the wonders of Malaysia with Lokapedia. 

Click on the postcard below to gain deeper insights into each topic:

Featured Topics

Nyonya Delights

A Bite of Tradition: Nyonya Kuih's Perfect Fusion of Flavors

Beauty of Traditional Wau

Journeying into the Timeless Artistry of Malaysia's Wau Culture

Malaysia's Floral Treasures

Exploring the Exotic Blossoms in Malaysia

A Beautiful Harmony

Stunning Dive into Malaysia's Underwater World

Know Your Durian

Discovering the King of Fruits: All About Durian

Made With Durian

Discovering the King of Fruits: All About Durian

Perahu - Malaysia Traditional Boat

Discovering the Ancient Art of Boatbuilding

Beauty of Perahu Kolae

Discovering the Ancient Art of Boatbuilding

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