Welcome to the (Stamp) Block Party 🎉

The quest for purr-fection is never complete 

That’s why everyone’s favourite Stamp Block series is back by popular demand 😉 Featuring 8 totally new designs to help you leave a unique mark on the things you love. 

If you’ve been collecting our past two series, you’re in for a surprise! Because we’ve got  2 new series (within a series!) lined up just for you 😛

Add some sweetness to your day with Sanggo


Sanggo series. 

They’re sweet, they’re cute and most importantly - they’re uniquely Malaysian! You’ll find them in abundance at nearby fruit stalls, no matter the weather and almost all year round. In fact, we’ve even got an Instagram page dedicated to our Sanggo family’s little adventures (check them out if you haven’t already!).

Meet our latest Sanggo Stamp Block Series! Spot your favourite local fruits and take your pick 👇

📚 Cozy Bookworming

Gather ‘round and cuddle up with the dynamic duo, Pinki and Pine! There’s always room for one more if you have the time 😉 For the book lovers and storytellers, this one’s made just for you! 

🎻 Melody of Love 

Your smile adds music to our day! That’s why Rambudoo and friends can’t wait to sing praises about you and your ways 🎶 If you have some time, come hear them play! 

☀️ You’re My Sunshine 

Life’s better when we have each other! And now we’re inviting you to join Dureen and Papurin in their daily adventures. Let beautiful relationships unfold when you tend to them with love and care. 


Same-same but a little different 

Malaysia series.

Singapore series.

It’s a tale of two cities with different histories, meet our new Malaysia and Singapore series! Featuring familiar sights and sounds that you can see all around town. We’re like two siblings in a fight over who does it better or right 😏 Competition is always at an all-time high, especially when it comes to the food we love! We can’t say who’s better, so take your pick ‘cause your choice matters 😋   

First stop, the land of nasi lemak and redang not crispy. It’s also the home of the iconic Twin Towers and major biodiversity! Give a round of applause for Malaysia!

🌺 Hop In! Let’s Go!

Adventure is out there! And we’re raring to go. Hop in and tour the city with us in our sleek ride 😏 We’ll learn the city’s history, uncover mysteries then check out some local biodiversity.

💌 See You Letter

Happiness is a written letter! Every pen curve and stroke feels like a warm hug. So, whenever you see a letter, just remember that it’s possible to go somewhere without moving anything but one’s heart.


Make way for Singapore is here to serve and slay 💁🏻‍♀️ Introducing our sassy neighbour who’s unlike any other! They’re home to lifestyles and artsy adventures. 

🎡 The Night Lights of Singapore

All these bright lights can’t stop you from shining 😎 Get lost in the city life in Singapore city! With it’s iconic skyline and landmarks that’ll leave you dreaming of the good life. 

💌 Just Mail It 

Hugs from us to you! But unlike real hugs, we get to keep these ones ❣️ And unfold it on gloomy days, so we can feel the warmth of what you had to say. Come mail some sunshine to your loved ones today!


Though we’re separated by sea, we still share a colourful history.

🌈 A Taste of Peranakan

Their colours and patterns are unlike any other! When they say bold is beautiful, they must surely mean the Peranakan culture. Found across both cities and recognised easily - It’s hard to pass on their famous delicacies!

And that’s the round-up of our new Stamp Block Series!

Small in size, but big in character 😏 Stamping collection that does it all: Rubber stamp, display standee and even a keychain. Now available for sale online and in-store. Be sure to ‘chup’ your chop before they’ve all run out! Don’t say we bojio this time round ya.

Visit our website to see the full range now.

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