[Spritzer x Loka Made] Kita Kitar Bersama Loka ♻️

We took Plastic Free July a step further this year by collaborating with Spritzer, Malaysia’s No.1 Bottled Water Brand! 

New Look New Purpose
: A promise to give back to nature by pledging to only using recycled plastics in the production of their bottles from this day on! 

In fact, you may have spotted us at Sunway Pyramid a couple weeks back 😉

Reshaping the future one bottle at a time

To celebrate their new mission, Spritzer switched up their looks to a trendier, more iconic design - featuring bolder colours, an ergonomic grip, and 100% made from recycled plastic packaging! You can now totally tell it’s a Spritzer even from a distance.

But what’s a celebration without a memento to remember it by? Loka got buuuuusy with his friend from the rainforest to create a whimsical artwork that flows with Spritzer’s new mission.

Quiz Time! Can you name 3 animals in this visual? 

As Spritzer’s refreshed purpose revolves around nature, we created a design that conveys just that! And what’s a nature piece without our friends from the Malaysian rainforest? We completed our ‘little rainforest’ with local flora and fauna - thank goodness Loka’s friends were in town for a little photoshoot 🙊

Did you score one of these? Strike a pose, snap a pic and tag us @thelokamade 💕

Bringing down the heat with recycled plastics 

Noticed how our weather has been even more unpredictable lately? When it rains, it pours, but when it’s sunny, it’s scorching! On top of that, more natural disasters are happening all around the globe, and our nation hasn’t been spared from it either with serious flooding issues happening almost monthly. 

We dug around a little and found a 2019 study by WWF stating that Malaysia ranks #2 in Asia for annual per capita plastic use with 16.78 kg per person 😱 This means we’re the second highest in plastic consumption per person in all of Asia! Our plastic consumption is higher than that of China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. 

If you think about it, 2019 was pre-pandemic, which means those numbers have only been going up! After all, we relied heavily on tapau packaging during the lockdown, and have also increased the use of disposable face masks and gloves to protect ourselves since. We can’t turn a blind eye to our actions anymore especially since its effects are disrupting our everyday lives. 

But how does recycling help in all these?

“Little-little, long-long become hill” 😉 If you get what we mean! 

You may think it’s just one bottle, but the more people do it - the impact is so much more significant! Let’s take a look at what happens when we recycle. 

👣 Helps reduce your carbon footprint! 

Manufacturing something with recycled plastic uses up to 88% less energy and resources, as the raw materials have already been processed in the first round! This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption - therefore, bringing down the temperature.

🗑 Reduces the size of our landfills 

There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world! A growing population contributes to growing landfills. So much so that countries are even passing their waste to other countries that are willing to take payment (talk about one man’s trash, is the next man’s treasure!). And for the plastics that don’t make it to the landfills, they end up in our oceans! Did you know? There’s actually a Great Pacific Garbage Patch found in the North Pacific Ocean. Just heaps of garbage (plastics especially) floating there.

🐳 Protects our environment 

Since recycled plastics are already processed, this reduces the demand for raw materials (water, petroleum, natural gas and coal) which in turn, reduces carbon emissions! Giving a new life to plastic also means we can help keep them out of our oceans, rivers and most importantly, rainforests - the source of Spritzer's silica-rich mineral water! And this is absolutely crucial as water is life and all living things depend on it for survival. 

Here’s a fact: Humans can survive up to 6 weeks without FOOD, but only ONE week without water 😱

Making a splash with a new mission

The journey towards a sustainable future begins with actively choosing to lead a greener lifestyle. Even a simple act of recycling a bottle is enough to start the chain! That’s why Spritzer is committed to using only recycled plastics in their materials while still providing healthy and safe drinking water for all.

It’s hard to believe that every little act we do counts in the big picture of saving the world, but as cliche as it sounds - it does! If anything, your actions will always inspire someone else, so if you want to be an influencer, it’s your chance to shine as an eco-influencer 😉

Ever noticed how people have started bringing their own bags when they check out of the supermarket? Or even bring their own bekal when they tapau food from hawker stalls? It didn’t use to be this way, but it has slowly become a thing! And it’s a great thing. 

Flowing through this journey together

It’s called an eco journey because like all journeys, it’s gotta start somewhere! And we’re proud to be a part of Spritzer’s next green chapter. If you have snapshots or memories from the event at Sunway Pyramid this month, be sure to tag us on our socials @thelokamade! We’d love to see you rocking our latest artwork.

And if you have any interesting eco facts that you would love to share, comment below 👇🏻

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