[Loka Made x Coway] From Maps to Masterpieces

United through art & the art of motion

November’s been a blast for us! There have just been so many things in our lineup and we can’t wait to share more with you 💙 

One of our recent collaborations was with Coway Malaysia! (You may have heard us on the news). We are honoured to have been selected as a partner in their first-ever hybrid run called Unite to Create.

The race began virtually and ended on-ground at Dataran Putrajaya early this month. During the virtual runs, participants were encouraged to create unique GPS trail art via the fitness tracking app, Strava, and share it with the world as seen with the hashtag #CowayRun2022 across social media. 


Underneath the same blue sky

We were honoured to create a visual for Coway Malaysia’s 2022 run. That’s when Loka and team got a brilliant idea 💡 

We created a huge canvas consisting of iconic buildings across the nation. And to bring the theme to life, we passed the brush to the marathon participants so they too could join in the creation of our artwork called ‘The Sky of Malaysia’!

Participants were invited to unleash their creativity and leave their marks
on the blank space above the buildings.

Co-created masterpiece, 'The Sky of Malaysia'


Diversity is the backbone of our nation

We created a second visual called ‘The Batik Turtle’ to capture the essence of Malaysian culture. It is also based on a track from the virtual run and we thought it was pretty fitting! Seeing as it is an iconic wildlife that is commonly found in our waters.

The Batik Turtle carries on its back what makes us Malaysia truly a multicultural nation 🐢 From our cultural heritage (namely instruments!) to our iconic architecture and the nation’s natural beauty. It’s also stylised with traditional batik mixed with Iban tattoo motifs to showcase our country’s artistic diversity. 

Carrying our colourful culture on its back!

Different yet harmonious and united. This design represents how we may be of different races, cultures, beliefs and even practices, yet we can still stand united together as Malaysians.


United for a cause bigger than all of us

Our stories don’t just end there! Both artworks are also available for sale physically and digitally through NFTs. That’s right, we took our participants’ physical artwork and turned it into digital art - and they’re available on OpenSea!

🌊 The Sky of Malaysia 

🌊 The Batik Turtle 

All profits will go towards our NGO partners, namely:

  • Mercy Malaysia

  • EcoKnights

  • Reef Check

  • Happy Water Project

  • Nicol David Organisation

If you’d like to leave your mark on building a better Malaysia, we’re more than happy if you could support us! After all, every Ringgit counts in the bigger picture.

Visit our Instagram to check out what went down at the Unite to Create event earlier this month 💙 Till then, see you soon!


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