Loka Made’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Creativity

‘Tis the season for gifting! And picking the right gift for your loved ones can be tough.

With so many options available on the market and year end sales happening everywhere, it’s hard to strike a balance between finding a unique gift and a heartfelt one. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve been thinking a lot and figured that one of the best gifts we can give this year is the gift of creativity✨ 

After such a long year, why not let their imagination loose with locally-inspired prints and quirky characters? Scroll on to find the perfect gift for your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and more.

For the book lovers  

He (or she) always has a book in hand - wherever they go! They’ve always got something new and interesting to share with you on your next meet up at an aesthetic cafe or around town. So, why not gift them our Malaysia-inspired Magnetic Bookmarks? Each featuring a local state and what we love about them. 

For the journaling enthusiasts 

Never without their faithful journal. They’ve always got a pen (and a lot of other stationeries 😛) on them. Add on to their collection with our Purrfect Stamp Block Series - a standee keychain that doubles as a stamp block for on-the-go journaling. Pair it with a set of Decorative Stickers for an added dose of cuteness. 

For the friends at work 

Work doesn’t have to be boring. Switch things up in the office with a pop of colour! Chase those Monday blues away and cheer on your colleague with a hot cuppa from our colourful Mug Collection. Choose between a familiar skyline or a bright patterned piece to accompany their workday. 

For the hardworking students

They’re always burning the midnight oil to get their assignments done just right. With so many notes from different subjects strewn across their study tables, why not give the gift of organisation with our stylish A4-Sized Folders? This way, they can easily keep away their notes without accidentally losing them!

For the ones who love all things cute


Not only do these friends have the cutest stationeries and outfits, but they’re also really sweet! Show them just how fruitful your friendship is with gifts from our Sanggo センゴ collection. From bag charms to stickers to memo pads and more! There’s just so many to choose from just like the wonderful memories you share.

For the brilliant digital artists

They possess the most wonderful minds. They can dream up new worlds and reimagine existing ones in a whole new light! Every conversation with them makes you fall in love with your surroundings a little more. Fuel their imagination with nostalgic and whimsical art prints from our Color of Scenery II by Fei Giap.

For the daring explorers 

Never one to sit still. The world is their canvas and they’re set on filling it up with as many memories and experiences as they possibly can! Complete their travel gear with a fun yet functional Xmas Special: Tote and Pouch Set. These versatile pieces are perfect for storing essential travel items or can be kept as a spare for knick knacks from their next adventure. Available in Midnight Hues and Summer Palette

For friends and family of all ages 

Everyone can appreciate a simple and fun puzzle. Have them put together their very own masterpiece with our Mini Puzzle Coasters. Now available in 3 new designs inspired by our local Peranakan culture. Not only are they great to pass time, they make a wonderful addition to coffee tables too! 

For the ones abroad 


You haven’t seen them in awhile. And you kinda miss spending Christmas together. Send them a wish and a little pick-me-up message from our Postcards Collection. There’s one for every occasion! Or perhaps they’ve told you how much they miss home. Surprise them with a nostalgic print featuring our iconic food and sceneries. Psst, you might wanna act quick so that your wishes can arrive in time for the celebrations!

Need more ideas before you pick that one perfect gift? Come check out our Christmas Sales Specials here! Enjoy limited time only discounts on our popular prints and merchandise. Save big on exclusive collections while stocks last. 

We also want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022 ✨ From Loka and family to you!

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