National day 2022

Merdeka, Merdeka, tetaplah Merdeka! 🇲🇾 

It’s always a joy to see our streets decked out in reds, blues, yellows and whites for her Independence Day. And this year, we doubled down on the celebrations and limited ‘additions’ to our growing Merdeka collection 😉 

Life is a journey of never-ending progress 

Since 2014, we’ve been on a journey to capture a little piece of Malaysia in the year and tell her story with our art. And it’s been quite the journey! We’ve seen the evolution of her skyline against the backdrop of our daily activities, and this inspired our Merdeka 2022 artwork theme, "We rise higher when we work together."

New buildings and trendy businesses have been popping up in every corner of the city - breathing new life in some of the oldest parts of town. If you’ve got nothing planned for this year’s Merdeka break, know that you’ll never go wrong with a day trip to the city!

Just like our culture, Kuala Lumpur is such a diverse place to be in! From historic sites to trendy malls, there’s something for everyone on a trip downtown. But with so many attractions and places around, it gets hard to pick a destination 🤔 

We’ve rounded up some of our top picks! So, what kind of traveller are you? 

The Culture Vultures 
They LOVE a good story! Especially one tied to history. They can be a little nitpicky about facts from the past but can even remember dates flawlessly. From traditional dance and music to contemporary batik designs, they’re always on a hunt for something that brings out the best of a country’s personality. 

Your top destinations:

📍 Sultan Abdul Samad Building

📍 KTM Administration Building

The Art-chitecture Lover 
They have a good eye for detail, but they love a big picture! They know art history like the back of their hand. They believe that although the world needs structure, it can still be beautiful too. They can always find something new to admire in colonial buildings and something to reminisce about in contemporary architecture. 

Your top destinations:

📍 KL Tower 

📍 Merdeka 118 

📍 Tun Razak Exchange 

The Stylish Shopaholic 
Extroverted and up-to-date on the latest #trends, releases and offers! Name a fashion brand and they’d give you 💯 advice on how you can work it. No mall is too far, no floor is too high - they’d never turn down an opportunity to explore its great indoors. They can hop from mall to mall without losing interest or energy (even after 7-storeys of Pavillion Shopping Mall). 

Your top destinations:

📍 Bukit Bintang 

📍 Petronas Twin Towers 

The Story Collector 
They see people as stories - a unique collection of experiences and ideas. They can spend hours perched in the same place just watching people and observing their movements. To get a better idea of their subjects, the Story Collector also enjoys experiencing local culture, from devouring a refreshing bowl of ABC to navigating the streets at rush hour. 

Your top destinations:

📍 Pasar Seni 

📍 Masjid Jamek

The Anything Also Can 
Every day is an adventure with them! They love nothing more than turning every outing (even if it’s just getting ice-cream) into a mini adventure. With the unique ability to see something special in everything, you can visit the most mundane of places and still learn something new about it. Beware: They tend to walk around aimlessly with the hope of getting lost (because that’s where adventure lives!).

Your top experience: 

📍 Hop-On Hop-Off KL 

Much to love, much to do!

There’s so much to love about KL city! And we’ve captured this spirit in this year’s artwork. Featuring the iconic (and updated!) skyline of our nation’s everyday life. Learn about the city with destination highlights and let your imagination run wild with nostalgia in our limited edition art print.

🇲🇾 Premium Canvas
🇲🇾 Art Frame

Show some love to your city this Merdeka! If you could pick any one attraction from this list, what would it be and why?  


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