Loka Made 3in1 Purrfect Stamp Block 2.0 has launched!

Did you know that the history of stamping dates back to ancient times? The very first form of stamping were actually wax seals! Before Facebook, it was the scrapbook. It was a book filled with important events, fun memories and of course swapping of details amongst classmates and schoolmates. Personalisation was key and stamps were just the purrfect thing! 

La Puppisserie - Bon Appetit!
Frenchie in Paris ~ Care to join this little Frenchie for some baguette? But first, can you guess which country this little Frenchie is in?

In Burgundy they drink wine 
In Paris you might dance 
Cannes has a film festival 
The country is called _ _ _ _ _ e

Hoppy Harvest 
How does a flower whistle? 
By using its _ u  _ _ _ _. 

The story of the tulips! It was April in Holland, one day Ms. Buns set off a picnic and went to Keukenhof during spring. When she arrived, she saw the colorful flowering tulips and was in awe, it was indeed a magical sight! 

Holland is a country in? N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s  

Corgi - eous Season 
Are you a fan spring? Or perhaps missing a country that has cherry blossom festivals? This sakura-themed pastime that involves dining under a cherry blossom tree has been around for centuries and we can definitely see why. Feel corgeous with this little corgi wherever you go! 

One thing this country is known for 
Are their rice snacks called onigiri 
And in the first half of the year 
Cherry blossoms are blowing in the breeze. 

This Country is? J _ _ _ _ 

Tropical Tails 
Known for stunning beaches and home to the invention of surfing, it’s a place where coconuts can be mailed too! If you love dancing, dance the hula dance that tells a story through movements but it’s a must for you to wear grass skirts and leis. 

With this seal of approval, of course anyone would be up for a tropical vacation!

Where could this place be? It’s H _ _ _ _ _

Catch of the Day 
This little polar bear was on a mission, after hearing about a once in a lifetime experience- to find the catch of the day, it set off on a journey to catch it. “It would be an epic achievement”, said the little polar bear. 

Where could this be? The N _ r _ h   P_ _ _

A Whole Mew World 
There once was a cat named Mew, it loved to travel but amongst its travels there was one place in particular that Mew loved the most. The place, famous for its unique landscape of rock formations and beautiful hot air balloons that fill the skies. It was like a whole Mew World! 

Where could Mew’s favorite place be? 
Wink wink, nudge nudge it rhymes with Cappurrdocia
This region is? C _ _ _ _ d _ c _ _

Did you manage to guess the answers above? 
La Puppisserie - France 
Hoppy Harvest - Tulips, Netherlands
Corgi - eous Season - Japan
Tropical Tails - Hawaii
Catch of the Day - North Pole 
A Whole Mew World - Cappadocia

Leave a purr-int and create new memories wherever you go! Not your ordinary decoration, these PURRFECT stamp block series can be used as a standee, stamp and key chain too!

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