[JWC x Loka Made] A Brew-tiful Start to Your Day with COFFEELOGY

Life’s too short to miss out on the brews you love!

Recently, Loka has had his hands full behind the scenes with his fellow bear-istars at JWC. They’ve ‘bean’ experimenting with various blends to bring you the all-new COFFEELOGY series. Our latest collaboration features a blend of all things cute and coffee! It’s the perfect pick-me-up with pick-up lines to get you through the day. 


Hang on a minute, who’s JWC?

They’re a band of local roasters who strive to help you craft the perfect cuppa to enrich your day. From bold and nutty brews to floral and fruity notes, JWC offers a variety of specialty coffee beans to keep you energised as you take on the day’s tasks. But if that’s not your cup of tea, JWC also offers matcha options to keep you company during your down time.

What kind of coffee drinker are you? 🤔

Let’s play a game of Brews Clues to find out more about what your favourite brewing method says about your personality.

Instant Coffee

You like things done quickly and efficiently! You always get the job done no matter the weather. You may come off a little bold to some, but that’s only because you’re not their cup of tea. You tend to favour logic and practicality over creativity, and you tend to get stuck in your ways.

 Drip Coffee

You believe that great things take time. And that slow and easy is what wins the race! Ever the optimist, you move to the beat of your own drum and make it a point to stop and smell the roses throughout your journey. Because what’s life if you don’t take time to enjoy it, right? Patient and dependable is how your friends would describe you. 

French Press
You have exquisite taste. You treat coffee like it is an art form (and if we’re being honest here, it really is). Attention to detail is what you strive for. You treat every cup with care and love, taking time to understand its complexities and what makes each bean different. You may come off as a snob to some, but that’s only because you know how to appreciate a well-made cuppa.

Tradition is what matters to you. You prioritise habit and routine because that is what keeps the world spinning. For you, your morning coffee and quiet time are a daily ritual that you treasure. You enjoy stability and are down-to-earth by nature. And your friends love how reliable you are! You like to keep things simple yet elegant and you tend to favour familiarity.

Coffee Pod Machine
Exciting, quirky and #trendy. You LOVE experimenting! Whatever’s new or odd in town, you’ll be the first in line to try it. Open-minded and carefree, you believe that variety is the spice of life. That’s why you’re always up for new flavours and adventures. Never one to settle, you always believe that the next big thing is just around the corner. The avant-garde artist among your group of friends, oftentimes you find yourself struggling to fit into new environments.

Cold Brew

You are a blend of patience and boldness. You’re known to be confident and outspoken - someone who turns heads when you enter a room. Yet you can easily empathise with just about anyone. You’re a sweet summer child with an infectious smile! You love travelling (especially to the tropics). And whenever you visit a colder destination, your sunny disposition is all that’s needed to keep your company warm.


You’re not everyone’s cup of tea and you’re totally okay with that! You live life on your own terms and appreciate me-time. You like peace and quiet, and are very in tune with yourself. You’re versatile in nature and are quick-witted. Despite your preference for alone time, you can easily get along with just about anyone! In fact, you tend to bring out the best in people and that’s why you’re so widely adored. 

So, which one are you? 😉

To celebrate our latest colla-brew-ation with JWC, we’re launching a limited edition JWC x Loka Made collection! The perfect treat for coffee lovers or to add a little ‘kick’ into your day.

We have a sur-purr-ise for you!

Feeling a little adventurous? Cool off with a cup of Coconut Latte at any JWC Outlet and redeem a Coffeelogy postcard and sticker set for absolutely FREE! You’ll even get a RM10 JWC discount voucher for your next purchase. 

While you’re there, come participate in The Mystery Scan giveaway! All you need is a mobile phone to unlock extra syok perks 😉

1️⃣ Scan the QR code or click here
2️⃣ Fill up the form
3️⃣ Receive JWC & Loka Made discount vouchers!

*This event runs from 2nd June to 20th June 2022
*While stock lasts
*T&C Applies

Can’t make it in time for the on-ground giveaway? That’s okay! Because we’ve got one final surprise for you.

Stand a chance to win our latest COFFEELOGY collection and JWC Drip Coffee Box ☕️

All you have to do is complete this sentence with your most creative answer: “A coffee a day keeps the _______ away”.

Here’s how you can join:
1️⃣ Click here to be redirected to our Instagram post.
2️⃣ Write your most creative answer in the comment section of the Instagram post.
3️⃣ Tag 2 coffee lovers and stay tuned for our winners announcement.

*Contest ends on the 20th June 2022

Psst, you can also join this contest on-ground at The Depot by JWC in Puchong, The Factory 30 in Johor Bahru.

Stay tuned for more spectacular brews! In the meantime, let’s have a chat over coffee and you can tell us all about your coffee personality below 👇

JWC website: https://justwantcoffee.com/

Loka Made website: https://lokamade.com/

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