Loka Made’s Color of Scenery II Takes You On A Whimsical Journey Through Familiar Malaysian Landscapes — With A Twist

No matter how far our travels take us or where we are in the world, the sight of old kopitiams, rustic wooden shophouses and bustling markets teeming with fresh produce will always evoke a sense of belonging and nostalgia. These scenes are all familiar landscapes from our childhood, and they are part and parcel of what makes Malaysia home. Loka Made’s Color of Scenery II series invites everyone to rediscover these nostalgic scenes through a fresh perspective — by blending the familiar with the fantastical.  

Caption: The artworks in Color of Scenery II draw inspiration from familiar everyday scenes in Malaysia.

For artist and Loka Made co-founder Fei Giap, it all started on a trip back to his grandfather’s sundry shop in Kuala Pilah, a small town in Seremban, Malaysia. Inspired by the sights, he created his first Colour of Scenery series. The digital artworks were done in a watercolour style and featured a blend of local elements in a fantasy setting. Despite the Malaysian elements, the ethereal, whimsical nature of the artworks resonated with people from all walks of life, with many international media sites and art forums sharing Fei Giap’s work. 

The Color of Scenery II series, released in 2018, contains 18 pieces of original art prints, that bring back the same evocative spirit the original series was well loved for.

Caption: Good Morning Malaysia captures the contrast between old and new, with traditional shophouses and iconic national buildings in the background.

 Some of Fei Giap’s favourite prints from the series include Good Morning Malaysia, which features traditional colonial shophouses, sundry shops and people going about their daily lives — juxtaposed against a backdrop of iconic buildings such as the Petronas Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur Tower. The contrast between tradition and modernity is a reflection of Malaysia as a nation, as we balance our culture and pay homage to our roots, whilst moving forward to a better future. 

“Prior to starting Loka Made, I did not have many opportunities to visit Kuala Lumpur. It was only after (starting Loka Made) that I got the chance to discover more of the city. I find the old heritage buildings very unique, and I wanted to capture that in my drawings,” he says, adding that he hopes to offer the younger generation a new way of appreciating local culture. 

Another print, Happy Snack Bar, draws inspiration from Fei Giap’s trip to Penang’s renowned Clan Jetties. The artwork perfectly captures the essence of one of the last original Chinese settlements on the island, featuring carefree girls in school uniforms relaxing outside a small sundry shop built on wooden stilts on the water front. 

Fans might also notice that some of the works in Color of Scenery II share a common subject — cable cars. “When I was young, my dad brought me on a trip to Genting Highlands. I was fascinated by them. To my younger self, they looked larger than life,” says Fei Giap. He intersperses the machines into several art prints — including one where a cable car runs lazily through a street flanked by colonial shophouses — and also on the cover, which is designed to resemble a cable car. 

As to what the Loka Made team hopes for their fans to take away from the series, co-founder Audrey shares, “Many of us like to watch anime and the beautiful Japanese scenery featured in films and animations, as it gives us a touching feeling. We want to show that Malaysia can also bring out that same touch,” she quips. “It is also our hope that people can take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, slow down and appreciate their surroundings.” 

Learn more about Color of Scenery II here.

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