It's A Wrap For 2022 Postcard Swap 💌

What a year it has been. There’s so much that has happened but it was truly one of a kind, blessing and fun year that we had the privilege to share with all of you. We're so grateful for the ups, downs and most importantly, friends that stayed with us and new friends that we’ve made along the way from our Postcard Swap with Loka initiative.


Hola in the air! Receiving your postcard and reading through them was genuinely the highlight of our day at studio. For us, handwritten messages are bridges that connects us (more so when we are from different countries) by sharing thoughts, memories and moments. Only to find it later, among the clutter of our daily lives, every pen curve and stroke feels like a warm hug.


Every postcard we receive is unique. The way someone writes an R or a T when they are happy or sad. Clean handwriting or cursive; postcards are decorated with stickers or minifigures. Sometimes Loka receives postcards of their own design too. It’s a gift to see how each postcard portrays its sender’s emotions and personality at the time of writing.



We started this program on October 9, 2021, truth be told we were nervous. Would people like this idea? Would they participate in this program? Are they willing to be vulnerable just as we are with them? There were a lot of questions in our mind but when we received the overwhelming response, we knew at that moment. This. is. It.

We created exclusively designed postcards along the season that our penpals from the group could re-experience the joy of swapping postcards, accompanied with messages from Loka that possibly enlighten their days. 



Here’s a peek at our exclusive design of the month:



With the success of Postcard Swap with Loka that ran this whole year of 2022, we want to extend our arm and say, thank you! Thank you for the amazing stories, wisdom and hopes. We read, we listen, we grow and move forward side by side with the people who are part of this journey. Through your postcard, we are able to live a thousand different lives from the good, to being anxious waiting for results, to new chapters of your lives, to the sadness we experience as we grow to where we are now. 

#PostSwapWithLoka is still ongoing, feel free to join and be part of this amazing journey. Here’s how you can get started!

1️⃣ Fill in your details into this form

2️⃣ Send a postcard to Loka at No.35-2, USJ9/5s, Subang Business Centre, 47620, Subang Jaya 

3️⃣ Loka will write you back once we’ve received your mail

4️⃣ Repeat from step 1 to do it all over again 😉

May we continue swapping postcards and share more memories together at #PostcardSwapWithLoka 📬 We can't wait to hear from you again!






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