DIY Acrylic Casing for Pop up card Size A

DIY Acrylic Casing for Pop up card Size A

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Limited time promotion, each acrylic casing set comes with a set of pop-up card. Choose your favorite designs now!

This is a DIY Acrylic box to showcase the pop-up card.
This size is suitable for the products below:

Pop up postcard: Traditional Sundry and Chinese Medicinal Herbs Shop
Pop up postcard: Old Book Store and Florist Shop
Pop up postcard: Mechanic Shop
Pop up postcard: Temple of Fortune and Dry Seafood
Pop up postcard: Silky Saree and Barber Shop
Pop up postcard: Neighbourhood Refreshments and Kopitiam

Size: 30cm x 17.5cm x 6.5cm
Material:  3mm Acrylic
1x acrylic box
1x acrylic sheet
1x white glue stick
1x acrylic glue
1x DIY instruction sheet