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Acrylic Casing for Pop up card Size A

Acrylic Casing for Pop up card Size A

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This is a DIY Acrylic box to showcase the pop-up card.

This size is suitable for the products below:

Pop up postcard: Traditional Sundry and Chinese Medicinal Herbs Shop
Pop up postcard: Old Book Store and Florist Shop
Pop up postcard: Mechanic Shop
Pop up postcard: Temple of Fortune and Dry Seafood
Pop up postcard: Silky Saree and Barber Shop
Pop up postcard: Neighbourhood Refreshments and Kopitiam

Size: 30cm x 17.5cm x 6.5cm
Material:  30mm Acrylic
1x acrylic box
1x acrylic sheet
1x white glue stick
*Pop up card at the product image is just for illustration purpose only.

DIY Steps:
1. Prepare the pop-up card that you’ve fold
2. Fit the pop-up card into the acrylic box
3. Apply white glue at the bottom of the card, and place it into the acrylic box
4. Let it dry for 15mins
5. Peel off the brown sheet on the box and cover
6. Once it’s dry, tear off the double-sided tape on the box, make sure the acrylic sheet cover is clean, and cover it.
7. Yay! You are done! You can now display it!