Once upon a time,

In a land not far from here,

Lived a Nyonya girl with a smile,

That stretched from ear to ear.

From floral tiles, ornate wooden windows, enamel tiffin carriers, and bold-coloured kebayas accompanied by kasut manek to flavourful cuisines from closely guarded family recipes - the Peranakans bear one of the most iconic and distinct cultures here in Southeast Asia.

We want to shine a light on their unique culture in our latest chapter! 

So, come with us and take a closer look at their lives through the eyes of Molly, the heroine of our story 🤎

The Daydreamer

As the story goes on,

Molly grew and bloomed -

Like the colourful floral wares

That surrounds her all afternoon.

Wedding Preparations

An auspicious celebration,

The union of two souls -

As constellations declare

Of a love story that was foretold.

It’s Teatime

Kueh and laughter

Go hand in hand.

Especially when mother

Prepares it all by hand!

Embroidering Beauty

An intricate tapestry

Woven by skilful hands.

Each thread has a story

Of a heritage this grand.

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