Air Batu Campur (ABC)

Authentic Singaporean Iced Dessert: A Refreshing Classic

Air Batu Campur (ABC), better known as Ais Kacang, is a bowl of shaved ice mixed with various ingredients. It is a popular Singaporean iced dessert that has been enjoyed for generations as it makes a refreshing and delicious treat due to the tropical climate, through the combination of shaved ice and sweet ingredients. Traditionally, these desserts were prepared by a hand-operated ice shaving machine. These days, they are motorised. 

The dessert was originally served only with shaved ice and red bean paste. But over time, a variety of locally sourced ingredients such as roasted peanuts, red beans, cendol, basil seeds, grass jelly and creamed corn have been added to the dessert to enhance its flavours. 

The dish is then drizzled with sweet-flavoured syrups such as concentrated Gula Melaka syrup, rose syrup, and evaporated milk to add a creamy texture to ABC.

However, ABC tends to be served differently across the nation, as people from different places would make ABC using their preferred ingredients and toppings, such as durian, sago pearls and mango.

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