Nostalgia is in the air! 

As we step into a new year, let’s revisit the vibrant city streets all decked out for the auspicious occasion. 

From flowers in all shades of red to handmade cookies, dried seafood, intricately cut decorations, and more - the already bustling city comes alive with throngs of people preparing for the Lunar New Year.

本土幻想 loka made x 凤凰饼家 fung wong biscuits 


Spring Festival A-lóng the Old Street Gift Box


This year, Loka Made teams up with Fung Wong Bakery to present the ‘Spring Festival A-lóng the Old Street Gift Box,’ featuring an intricately designed red packet set and artisanal Chinese pastries with generation-old recipes from Fung Wong Bakery, including the delightful Manggong Cake and Walnut Cookies.





Spring Festival in the Old Streets





The old streets echo the memories of Chinese New Year celebrations from generations long past. Traditional stores dot the streets with dried goods and rice cakes, while the alluring scents of flowers tempt customers to the florists. You will also find traditional artisans showing off their wares, made with skills they inherited from those before them, in every corner. 

As the Lunar New Year approaches, we’d like to invite you on a journey to discover the forgotten beauty of these streets. 

Together, let’s traverse through time and relive these memories during this festive season.



The Chinese will decorate their homes with flowers and potted plants to ring in the new year. Ornamental plants symbolising good fortune and prosperity are favoured, such as tangerine trees, lucky bamboo, peach blossoms, and willow branches. Lee Wah Florist has been in the business for over 50 years and has witnessed the evolution of how Chinese New Year is celebrated in the last half-century. This established florist offers more than just a wide selection of flowers at reasonable prices, they also bring in seasonal new year plants for the festivities. 


百年老字号的凤凰饼家坚持了中式糕饼的精神,那就是亲手参与每一个制饼过程,亲手制作出那一份难能可贵的传统手艺与人情味, 传承古早好滋味。凤凰饼家初时是以制作礼饼为主,宗旨是希望收礼者知道其在送礼者心中有着高尚的地位。凤凰饼家配合新年期间还售有“中国古代三大名饼”的盲公饼、杏仁饼和炒米饼,绝对是送礼的最佳首选!

Fung Wong Biscuits have used the same century-old recipes to create their pastries. They’ve stayed faithful to the original process to ensure that their baked goods were made up to its standards that blend traditional craftsmanship with a personal touch. Fung Wong Biscuits started with the creation of bridal pastries as a means to convey a family’s gratitude to their guests. 



Dried meat is a popular Lunar New Year snack. It is produced through a complex process before getting vacuum-sealed to prolong its shelf life while ensuring both convenience and portability. Its unique texture and high-quality production represent a premium lifestyle and taste. Dried meat is a popular traditional gift exchanged by families and is synonymous with the festivities.



To prepare for the festivities, the Chinese would buy seafood such as abalone and sea cucumber from dried marine goods stores. Every house’s ‘chef’ would then prepare a lavish feast for the reunion dinner as a means to reward everyone for their hard work in the past year. Kwang Yeow Heng’s founder, Mr. Hiah Siak Kee has ventured south from Chaozhou in China, to start his business in Malaysia over half a century ago. They have since established themselves in Kuala Lumpur and even developed a popular canned abalone brand, Skylight.



As time passes, Chinese New Year traditions are slowly fading away, especially among the younger generation. Traditional businesses also face new challenges posed by the modern market. However, these traditional businesses are a fundamental part of our culture as they carry a rich history and unique values. 

Let’s keep history alive and preserve our unique cultural identity by keeping these small businesses alive and booming! With everyone’s support, we can help them thrive in today’s society and retain their unique cultural charm in our city. May we never forget the values of traditions passed down from our unique cultural heritage.