#BuildAMalaysian Future of Malaysia

Everyday is a miracle with her

She goes from place to place wide eyed with wonder. Her name is Prisha and she’s on a permanent quest for answers! Her curiosity and playful nature are what everybody remembers. 

“Why?”, “what?” and “how?” are her favourite questions. She’s the centre of attention, but never for the wrong reasons. She always looks forward to her after-school ais krim roti and extracurricular activities. She unknowingly teaches us that life is full of simple pleasures.

Her perspective is what all we adults strive to see - that life is full of wonders and curiosities! Just like Prisha, there are tons of kids who live life with arms wide open. They’re tolerant and free, accepting and giving, they teach us that life is always worth living.

Life is as bright and beautiful as you allow it to be 

These personalities are the essence of what makes up our entire nation. They’re the glimmer of hope that keeps us going on those days when the future doesn’t seem as bright as we imagined.

To live life with curiosity, kindness and compassion is their sole mission. They give us a breath of fresh air when we’re weighed down with stress or despair. They approach life with equal amounts of innocence and sincerity, reminding us that it’s full of infinite possibilities. 

From approaching life through the eyes of a child to earning an honest living, these personalities are out to build us a better nation through little acts of love and wisdom.

Let’s get to know the rest of them!

AM or PM, Encik Amin is always hustlin’ 

From broken soles to broken souls, Encik Amin can mend just about anything! He’s your local cobbler, racing through his orders and giving life back to your sneakers. You’ll always find him by the ATM, but he’s not a bank robber. 

Leather, canvas or synthetic materials, he fixes shoes faster than you can fix your teh tarik addiction. Equipped with humble and weathered tools to guarantee that your next walk in your mended shoe will be one to remember. 

Despite the large orders, Encik Amin remembers each and every one of his customers. Honest workers like him carry on traditional crafts and services from generation to generation. You’ll find personalities like his among the rotan, tanglong, keris and even batik makers.


Mak Cik Nurul - our source of nourishment and validation  

She’s the nasi lemak auntie who can be sassy and pedas with her words, but generous and manis with her portions. She insists her cooking is the best in town (but beware her sambal or you’ll regret it in the toilet after). 

Everyone goes back not just because of her cooking, but also because she says we’re good looking 😛 We all love her! Sometimes she sneaks us extra toppings but denies it and says, “No la, where got? Same same saja!”.

She’s sunshine in human form. And people like her are all around us! Malaysians are friendly, generous and never short on saying something sweet. We’re always greeted with smiles and positive energy. 


Flipping over to the sunny side with Abang Burger 

Master of burgers, beloved flavour-giver. He never hears the “no mayo” in your order, yet still makes the best burgers ever. He’s Encik Ramli, better known as Abang Burger.

He’s the expert of spices who appeals to your sugary, sweet or savoury vices. He makes simple meals taste 10x better with the right portion of salt and pepper. He makes any evening better with his bright smile and delicious burger - even when the line just keeps getting longer.

Like Abang Burger, there are similar individuals that we can think of and remember. They’re the ones who are present when we yumcha, ‘blow water’ or watch badminton at the mamak together.

What goes inside every Malaysian? 

Curiosity, generosity and empathy just like these model Malaysians!  

Let’s #BUILDAMALAYSIAN in real life!

Get creative and #BuildAMalaysian on the spot! Learn more about our initiative in-person and take part in fun activities. Join us at The LINC KL!

Date: 15 August - 18 September 2022 
Exhibition Hours: 10am - 10pm
Location: Level 2, Event Space

Swing by, say hi and stand to win exclusive #BuildAMalaysian merchandise and more amazing prizes! Save the date and see you there 😉