#BuildAMalaysian Culture Keepers

He’s famous for his accent, expressions and viral videos

Ben’s a foodie at heart - a massive culture geek and a YouTube extraordinaire! He’s a traveller who bought a one-way ticket to a land that’s truly Asia and has never left since. 

He initially came for the sceneries, but decided to stay for our eateries. His stomach may not be built for spicy eats, but that’s not stopping him from asking “tambah sambal, please!”. He knows this land like the back of his hand. His local knowledge is vast like his Google Maps timeline in the past. 

Like Ben, there are plenty of foreigners who came to Malaysia, fell in love and decided to make her their second home! What’s not to love? Our melting pot of cultures make this nation a wonderful place to put one’s roots down and grow or even retire!

Defenders of culture and rendang NOT crispy

They’re our nation’s influencers! Never shying away from sharing their love of our culture, traditions and customs. Talking to them is like opening a treasure trove of local insights and stories. You’ll be impressed with just how many tales and folklores they can fit into a 30 minute yumcha session. 

They come from multiple backgrounds but are united by their belief in keeping our nation’s stories alive! They are best described as the bridge between the past and the present. In fact, some even inject their own styles to give our traditions a modern twist while paying homage to our ancestors.

From traditions passed on by their family members to sharing a little piece of our culture with friends abroad, these individuals are the beating heart of our nation.

Come say hi to our culture keepers!

Mr. Ong keeps traditions alive with a roaring success 

He works hard with his troupe all year round to ensure that your Chinese New Year celebrations are filled with auspiciousness and good luck. He’s none other than Mr. Ong, a lion dance master, martial arts sifu and low-key national treasure. 

He keeps our traditions alive - and he probably doesn’t even realise that he’s one of the reasons why Malaysia stays truly Asia! His students may say he’s strict and hard to please, but deep down they know that he’s only doing so because he truly believes they are destined to jump even higher. 

Like lion dances, individuals like Mr. Ong can be found in various cultures. They’re the people who teach traditional dances, rangoli creators, keris performers, sape players and even gawai dancers - the piece that holds festivals together.


Composing a groovy experience with Syarinah 

Music is love, music is life - that’s the motto Syarinah lives by! She’s a Sarawakian gifted with exceptional music skills. She’s enthusiastic about all kinds of music - traditional, contemporary or both.

Her creative and progressive mind sets her off the unbeaten path where she channels her angsty teenage vibes into creating fusion music! In her freetime, she’ll upload videos of herself jamming to chart-topping hits with the traditional sape. 

Her mashups are the perfect way to keep our instruments relevant in the contemporary music space. There are plenty of musicians just like Syarinah! Come share with us who are your favourite artistes in this category 👇🏻

Tan Chee Kong - full-time student, part-time snack supplier 

He’s an academic superstar on his way to becoming a renowned engineer! The only reason his CGPA is 4.0 is because 4.1 doesn’t exist. He’s been studying abroad for awhile now and he misses his Mee Kari like any Malaysian would.

He’s studious and also entrepreneurial. Whenever he comes home for a break, he’d pack along with him a box of instant Maggi, which he’ll bring into his new semester and make some cash by selling them to his friends abroad. I mean, we all know instant noodles made outside of Malaysia cannot pakai lah 😛

He’s the country’s next generation of leaders! Though he takes inspiration and ideas from other cultures, everyone knows his heart will always belong to Malaysia. Local or abroad, personalities like his work hard, study smart and never lose sight of the things that matter (like defending our local recipes).

What goes inside every Malaysian? 

Creativity, respect and experimental thinking just like our Culture Keepers are just some of their amazing qualities!  

Let’s #BUILDAMALAYSIAN in real life!

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