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#BuildAMalaysian Our Malaysian ‘Family’

Every now and then, you’ll meet kopitiam Uncle Chen  

People say he’s too loud, but he says that this is the only way to speed up your order. “Kopi O’ Kaw, satu lagi,” are the words he loves to hear! He’s uncle Chen, your average kopitiam customer. 

He’s quite the popular regular! Everyone knows him - from hawker stall owners, other aunties and uncles, and maybe even your father. He’s loud, friendly and never hesitates to ask, “how was school, ah girl?”. 

His contagious laughter, signature shirt, shorts and slippers are what everybody remembers. If you look closer, personalities like this uncle can be found in just about every corner. Kopitiams, warungs, mamaks or even the cendol stall you love (especially in the hot weather). 

We’re one big happy family here  

Everyone is auntie, uncle, abang, aneh, kakak or adik. We don’t always know their first names, but we know it doesn’t matter. They are the people that can make any bad day better.

‘Berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing,’ - we struggle together, we rise together. Everyone is always ready to jump in and lend a helping hand. Deep down, we know we can weather any storm so long as we’re together. 

From keeping an eye out for the little ones to making sure you don’t go through the day hungry. Our elders always have our best interests at heart - even if they can seem strict at times. They are quirky characters with amazing personalities and hearts of gold. 

Would you like to meet the rest of the family?

Nothing gets past Mama Savitri  

The local housewife, mother of 3 boys and slipper-wielder. She’s a tough lover with a big heart who is secretly soft inside. She is none other than the sassy and savage Mama Savitri! 

On weekdays, she wakes her boys up at 5am by telling them it’s already 7pm. She absolutely loves online shopping but isn’t willing to pay the delivery fee. To her, even RM6.50 makes all the difference! 

“You must either be a lawyer, engineer or doctor” is the stereotype we always hear. But no matter what path we take, our parents will always love and be there for us (even if they say otherwise). Asian mah 😛 It’s all about tough love! 


Home is wherever my bibik is  

She’ll cook up a storm when she hears you’re coming over! She’s the Nyonya auntie next door, a bead shoe maker and well-known kitchen goddess. 

She LOVES cooking Peranakan food (almost as much as she loves her nephews and nieces) - especially the ones passed down from generation to generation! The only people who don’t like her cooking are ones with zero taste. Hehe.

Much like our sweet Nyonya aunt, there are plenty of other aunties who are the Guardians of Malaysian Recipes! They are that extra spice that can make any meal wholesome and nice. The ones who put the comfort in your comfort meals. And if love were a physical thing, it’d come in sweet, spicy or sour taste 😋 


When our parents are away, Cikgu Aisyah takes the stage  

Creative, bubbly and a total classroom celebrity! Cikgu Aisyah is an out-of-the-box high school teacher who loves nothing more than seeing her students expand their horizons. 

She’s passionate about teaching and she believes that every student deserves love, care and attention. Sometimes her students accidentally call her ‘mama’ and though they may be flustered, Cikgu Aisyah is secretly flattered. 

She treats her kids as if they were her own, sowing seeds of knowledge and wisdom. And she always finds ways to help them understand the subject better. Just like her, there are plenty of educators who act ‘stand in’ as parents to offer guidance. You can find them in various professions: School teachers, coaches, lecturers and even instructors. 

What goes inside every Malaysian? 

Genuine love and care, patience and wisdom just like these Malaysians!  

Let’s #BUILDAMALAYSIAN in real life!

Get creative and #BuildAMalaysian on the spot! Learn more about our initiative in-person and take part in fun activities. Join us at The LINC KL!

Date: 15 August - 18 September 2022 
Exhibition Hours: 10am - 10pm
Location: Level 2, Event Space

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